Lawton Family SugarhouseWelcome to the Lawton Family Sugarhouse, where we have had the pleasure of making maple syrup for 7 generations. We sell syrup in bottles ranging in size from 100ML to 1 Gallon and will ship our products to you. We take pride in our products and we are a member of the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association.

We have completed our addition at the sugarhouse. We will once again be offering the products you’ve come to love as well as our own grassfed beef. You can purchase both our beef and maple products at the sugarhouse when we are open or from our farm on Lawton Hill Road.

The sugarhouse is generally open weekends during sugaring season (which usually begins in early March). When you have cabin fever from a long winter, take a ride along scenic route 9 from Northampton, MA. You will find us 1 1/2 miles west of Williamsburg. If you see steam coming from the building, come on in!

~ Bill and Deb Turner, Owners