Lawton Family SugarhouseThe Lawton Family Sugarhouse is a family owned wood-fired operation. Bill and Deb (Lawton) Turner run the operation with their daughter Melissa and with help from friends and family members. Their late son Brian (who died in a 2003 snowmobile accident) and Brian’s best friend Mark Loven would spend many nights boiling to well after midnight when the runs were good. Mark is still a key member in the boiling process and he and Bill spend many nights there until the wee hours of the morning, just as Brian and Mark used to do.

In the 1940s, the Lawton family originally had a small sugarhouse located in the woods set back far from the road. In 1953, Albert Lawton (Deb’s great-grandfather) and his sons decided to move to Route 9 for better visibility and more sales. After Albert passed away, his sons Earl (Deb’s grandfather), Raymond and Carl ran the operation to help offset the bills on the farm. Neighborhood children would stop by to learn how they boiled the sweet sap into syrup. When Earl passed away it was up to Ray and Carl to run the operation by themselves.

In 1997 Bill and Deb took over and in 2000 they moved the old building up to their home on Lawton Hill Road and built a new post and beam building in the same spot. All the lumber used came from their own land and was sawed on their own mill. A new evaporator was installed along with many other updates of the original equipment.

Lawton Family SugarhouseSeven generations of Lawtons have worked in the family’s sugarhouse, right down to Bill and Deb’s great-nephews and great-nieces. Not a day goes by that you won’t stop in and see at least one of them there, sampling the sweet syrup and other maple goodies that Uncle Bill and Auntie Debbie have for customers to sample and for sale on their shelves.

The sugarhouse is open to all and tour groups are welcome on a call-ahead basis. We are handicapped accessible. Stop in when you see steam coming out of the sugarhouse and see what sugaring is all about! A sample of sweet stuff awaits you!